Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2003, we have organized customized trips for thousands of travelers. Their high level of satisfaction is reflected through excellent feedback and repeat bookings. There is no better endorsement than that of a past traveler and we welcome you to check out for yourselves what some of our past clients have to say about their booking experience with Aspire….


“Fabulous! Fantastic! Wonderful! Superb! Our best holiday ever – we didn’t want to get on the plane on Saturday. We can’t pick one favorite place – they all had something special!”

Fiona, Elly, Chris & Andrew

New York, NY

“We had an amazing trip to Australia! Aspire Down Under exceeded our expectations, and Shelby did a great job coordinating every detail of our trip. The entire itinerary was professionally coordinated, hotels were perfect, tours were exceptional, and every drop off/pickup driver was on time and friendly. We did not have to worry about a thing!”


Sea Beach, CA

“Overall, it was great, and we wanted to really thank you for the work you put into organizing and planning the trip. Everything went smoothly, and we were thankful many times over the course of the two weeks that you had arranged everything so that we didn’t have to worry about logistics at all and could just focus on enjoying ourselves!.”


Carlsbad, CA